Alana Fulvio interviews Halestreet Investments Founder and Managing Partner, John Cooper:

“At Halestreet, we jump into the deep end with our founders. We’re driven by helping our companies be successful for all the right reasons–beyond investing dollars, we also invest ourselves–our time, talent, expertise, and support. These are companies, teams, and founders we believe in and we want nothing more than to see them achieve their dreams.”

This is why I admire Coop. Why he’s so successful and so are the people around him. Come join John and learn key take-aways like:

  • What is one of the biggest profit loss blind spots that leadership has had for decades and how to use it as a market differentiator, now
  • The top strategies for how to scale and drive profit, faster and better than ever in history
  • How he’s never searched for a job and has always found himself sought after