How We Work

We focus first on you. Our success depends on our commitment to each other--we show up wherever you are and wherever you need us to be.

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“At Halestreet, we jump in to the deep end with our founders. We’re driven by helping our companies be successful for all the right reasons–beyond investing dollars, we also invest ourselves–our time, talent, expertise, and support. These are companies, teams, and founders we believe in and we want nothing more than to see them achieve their dreams.”

– John (“Coop”) Cooper, Halestreet Founder and Managing Partner

Our investing target:

  • Meaningful Founder Ownership: 20%+
  • Demonstrated Revenue: Paying Customers
  • High Growth: 25%+ Revenue Growth
  • Clear pathway to break-even or profitable operations
  • Large Addressable Market


It’s all about engagement. We choose companies that we’re excited about. We know each of our companies has the ability to be great, and we make sure we’re with them every step of the way.

Whether by routine weekly and monthly communications, on demand accessibility, and involvement in problem resolution, opportunity pursuit, or determining funding approaches, and we’re there when you want us and need us.

We provide unique value, to maximize success potential:

  • We fill your team gaps with our team’s experience and insights
  • We expand your capabilities, from incubation to investment
  • We connect you to our partners and expand your valuable network by introducing you to ours


Our experts have deep experience and proven success across the span of the full investment cycle, from due diligence to post transaction integration through to a liquidity event. We bring you the full benefit of all we’ve learned through years of experience in all sectors, large and small companies, as team members, executives, and investors.

At Halestreet, we back the founders that have taken strides to make their dream a reality. By providing a well-rounded team of partners, investors, and stakeholders to support our founders, we foster the perfect environment for co-creation and rapid growth.

Resources, Connections and References

Experts that are knowledgeable and highly accomplished, but warm and friendly and believe in real working relationships, our team strives to maintain strong relationships with our companies. We don’t simply invest and never talk again–we work alongside our companies, through regular communication, advice, and support.

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